Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Thoughts on the role of curators in museums...

The way I see curation, and the role of the curator is the next level of awareness of creative practice. As my own studio practice has developed I have grown to appreciate the notion of installation or site specificity. By this I mean being concious of the broader context of the audiences's viewing experience when engaging with an artwork. So I view this progression from object production, where the focus is solely on an object, to creating installations or looking at a whole viewing experience, and the next step is curation. It is a logical progression to thinking about how individual works, and different artist's works relate to each other and how their sequence of viewing and proximity to each other help to generate meaning. 
Taking on the role of curator seems at times to be at odds with the mindset of the individual artist who is arguably completely absorbed in their own work and perspective. For this very reason it is such a healthy intervention for an artist to take on the role of curator, whether the show includes their own work or not. To gain some perspective on the relationships which occur between neighboring exhibits, can only be constructive in the production and installation of ones own work. Gaining this understanding of how works contribute to meaning or narratives can help in the reading and interpretation of exhibitions.

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