Wednesday, 28 May 2014

New Studio Action...

 Fresh stoneware just out of the kiln!

Window, peep stare. Finished last month before I left Batchelor. One of my favorites of this series.  Stoneware with glaze and oxide. Approximately 35cm high.


 Ye old new age slab house.


 Two mugs, ready for anything, but mostly earl grey.

The right balance of rough and smooth. Rough on the outside so they wont be dropped or ignored, and smooth inside for easy cleaning! Stoneware with underglaze scraffitto.

Scraffitto (underglaze) tile.

Scraffitto (underglaze) tile. 

Stoneware with underglaze and oxides.

Stoneware with underglaze, slip and oxide.

Room with a view.


New slab houses springing up in my kitchen

Establishment blues, Darwin, incomplete


 For the love of clean water, lets stop mining uranium.

 Learning both ways.

 Utopian/Dystopian views from Harriet Place.

 Something along the lines of... an addiction to fossil fuels.

 Sometimes we make decisions...

Still life at Batchelor.


 Two new slab buildings have sprung up this week, the first for nearly 6 months, so I'm celebrating with tea and toasted sandwiches!!!

 Cities of the future or ruins of the past?