Friday, 31 July 2015

winter happenings

Multi-piece power pole is coming along. Drying and tidying it up now. Testing dry glazes and underglazes for it.

Antique toy truck sketch. Playing with ideas for the next installation of Switch.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

New work in the studio and the gallery

 A new power pole drying in the studio. Totally psyched on this new shape.

 The last residential form I made earlier this year has just graduated to join my pop up suburb in Moonrise Gallery in Mullumbimby. Stoneware with underglaze.

Urban renewal has come and reshaped this pop up suburb and bought some fresh colour into the mix. Real Australians Say Welcome! This work is called Kingswood Country.

A new photo of one of the drawings from the Switch installation in SCU Gallery last month. This one captures the colour and details much better than the earlier shots I posted. This is part of a 15 meter panoramic landscape series.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Upcoming Melbourne show!

This is going out to all you city dwelling types.
This exhibition engages visual practices that respond to our urban surroundings. We are intrigued by the way that certain materials and mediums can address our urban framework specifically.

I am planning to include a selection of two and three dimensional work from the Switch series in this show. 

Without knowing what else will be included I am quietly excited to see not only what goes into the show but how my work sits among it.
If you live in Melbourne please drop in for the opening or check out the show while it is up, and please pass the word on to others who may be interested.

Alpine musings

 Perisher ski tube... on the way up to the Kosciusko national park.

Snowy river biro sketch.

View from Charlotte's Pass lookout over the beginings of the Snowy river. 

Charlotte's Pass village, view from the window of our lodge Targangil. Such an amazing place even without much snow. So lucky to stay here again. A refreshing week in the mountains has been spent.