Monday, 15 December 2014

Summer Shows

I have three sculptures, a bunch of badges and a couple of zines for sale in Moonrise gallery this month. View the great images online or drop in to the gallery if your in the area, at 105 Stuart St Mullumbimby. New artist profile, images and blurb on the Moonrise Studio site.

A trio of houses now hanging out in the window of Moonrise Studio and Gallery

Ceramic badges, everyday inspiration, perfect for styling up this summer.

There are also two sculptures and a panel in "Small works" at Kulchjam 1 Acacia St Byron Bay, on show now until January sometime ( date to be confirmed).

Eco Villa

Old Foundry

Monday, 17 November 2014

New work bench studio and some recycled pallet tables

New work bench out the back is now home to all my tools and junk... very happy to have a place to play again

 Pallet size soft wood coffee table

 Small coffee table with rad shapes

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Exhibition in Sydney

Last night I attended the opening of the Craft NSW Emerging Artist Exhbition, it was an exciting evening and some great work was viewed, some friendly Sydneysiders met, and some celebrations were had! We hadn't been to Sydney for a while, and I hadn't shown work their before either. The show is crammed with a wide array of different work spanning many mediums. I was really happy to have been shortlisted and included in the show, and it was a great night away from the everyday. if you are in town, or will be before the 2nd of November then definitely get down to 104 George St the Rocks to check it out, there may also be some major contemporary art institution in the vicinity too.
The work of mine included can be seen below, Window Peep Stare, the first finished ceramic form below this post. The full range of work included can be seen here to

Monday, 8 September 2014

New drawings from time in the NT

A couple of large works on cardboard which I started in Darwin. Mearuring approx 100 by 60cm.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Good news today!

I have just learned that 'Window peep stare' has been shortlisted for the Craft NSW emerging artist award 2014. I am so excited and pleased. All the shortlisted works will be exhibited at Craft NSW 104 George st the Rocks from the 21st of October until the 2nd of November. If your in Sydney during this time please drop in and have a look, and if your in town on the night of the 21st come to the opening. All work is for sale and the winner will be anounced on the opening night. To get a visual of the work, it's the first finished work, under the recent process shots, the blue and white house.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

new age power play

 Process shot, new slab work. Inspired by years of driving past these big beautiful power lines, and a bit of an idea that we are heavily reliant on energy, largely generated by fossil fuels... a questionable addiction.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

New Studio Action...

 Fresh stoneware just out of the kiln!

Window, peep stare. Finished last month before I left Batchelor. One of my favorites of this series.  Stoneware with glaze and oxide. Approximately 35cm high.


 Ye old new age slab house.


 Two mugs, ready for anything, but mostly earl grey.

The right balance of rough and smooth. Rough on the outside so they wont be dropped or ignored, and smooth inside for easy cleaning! Stoneware with underglaze scraffitto.

Scraffitto (underglaze) tile.

Scraffitto (underglaze) tile. 

Stoneware with underglaze and oxides.

Stoneware with underglaze, slip and oxide.

Room with a view.


New slab houses springing up in my kitchen

Establishment blues, Darwin, incomplete


 For the love of clean water, lets stop mining uranium.

 Learning both ways.

 Utopian/Dystopian views from Harriet Place.

 Something along the lines of... an addiction to fossil fuels.

 Sometimes we make decisions...

Still life at Batchelor.


 Two new slab buildings have sprung up this week, the first for nearly 6 months, so I'm celebrating with tea and toasted sandwiches!!!

 Cities of the future or ruins of the past?

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

In lieu of a photo...

New happenings...

I have been traveling around a lot this year, settling and resettling, searching for the greenest pastures. Following the Habitat exhibition I took a small hiatus from my art practice. We packed up our beautiful sunshine coast hinterland house and took our possessions south for storage in the New England. Work in Toowoomba had finished up and a window of opportunity had arisen for us to go on the road and seek out new fortunes. We meandered south to the awesome coastline of the Great Ocean Road, stopping along the way at Scarborough and Kangaroo Valley. We revisited an old haunt in Apollo Bay and stayed a few weeks there to relax and recalibrate our travel compass.  This time in the small coastal town was invaluable as the years journey had taken its toll not only on our faithful Subaru, but also on our boys Cedar and Arlo. The waters were fairly brisk to put it politely, but we still spent plenty of time at the beach, braving the waters, carving the sand and just observing the the rolling hills descending into the Bass Straight. After a few weeks here we received word that I had successfully gained lecturing work in the Northern Territory. So we loaded up our car and began the migration northward again. We drove to Brisbane where we loaded our car onto a truck and flew to Darwin. We arrived in Darwin late on a Thursday night in March, the tropical humidity hit us like a big wet blanket as soon as we stepped off the plane. It seemed a bit colonial and a bit Asian at first, hot and maddening. Life here is becoming normal, or we are adjusting to it. This is most expensive place to live in Australia I am told. There is a resources boom happening and the price of everything is subsequently inflated. Amongst the mix of cultures and bogans, sweat and air conditioning, world heritage listed wilderness and uranium mines, local laksa and interstate imported groceries, I am making some drawings and teaching some classes. I have no camera with me. So photos will have to wait. Hopefully the amazing environment will permeate these new works. Stay tuned...