Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Habitat: @ Blockwork gallery

 Sandy Pottinger's comments on Habitat

“Blockwork, 1 Hagan St, was the venue for “Habitat” a pop up show by Tim Fry. Frustratingly brief in viewing time but enormously rewarding as an exhibition, the work signals the arrival of an artist to remember.
The ceramic sculptures of towers, dwellings places and vertical apartments speak of housing and architecture yet there is also the suggestion of isolation: solitary lives lived in quiet desperation, the loneliness of de-humanized urban space.
Vigorous mixed media drawings and funky ceramic brooches added energy and interest to this super and understated exhibition.”
The Chronical, Saturday, December 21 2013


Artist brings the ‘every day' to life

                      GRAND OPENING: Tim Fry opens his exhibition Habitat at Blockwork Gallery.

HABITAT, an exhibition by art teacher Tim Fry, questioned and celebrated aspects of every-day life such as the environments inhabited and rituals and objects which fill people's lives with the personal narratives played out.
An artist and ceramics and sculpture teacher at Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE, Mr Fry exhibited Habitat at the Blockwork Gallery in Toowoomba recently.
Mr Fry has been a practising artist for the past eight years and has studied in Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales.
He has worked in a range of art-related roles, including a commercial sculpture studio in the Blue Mountains, a regional art gallery in Lismore, and in a screen printing studio in Berlin. Bev Lacey - The Chronicle


Handmade sign at the entrance to the exhibition. 

Abandoned Warehouse. Stoneware, oxide and underglaze.

Funky Handmade stoneware badges! Some still available.


Artist Statement.

Rapunzel's Castle. Stoneware fired with oxides.

The Old Foundry. Stoneware with oxide and glaze.

Australian Dream No.1. Stoneware with oxides.

Landscape from an economic perspective No.2. Biro, pastel, conte and collage on cardboard.

 Portrait of a wire bottle. Biro and gouache on cardboard.

Veranda Dreaming. Biro, pastel, conte and charcoal on cardboard.

Installation View.

Still life with knitting needles, cider and laptop.Biro, pastel and gouache on cardboard.

BBQ in a bottle. Biro, pastel and conte on cardboard.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Studio shots...

Come and see my upcoming solo show!

This is a few months old, some of the earlier houses but I realised that it wasn't up here so thought I better fill in the blanks. 

New ceramic work came out of the kiln yesterday. I'm pretty excited!!!These houses are getting more resolved and more interesting. Introducing sections of colour seems to bring the right amount of vibrancy into them, theres a good balance between the earthen tones of the oxides and the bright colored underglaze.

 New cardboard sculpture/drawing entering the brave new world

Loving the through-visibility in this work. A repco air filter box never looked so good.

Venetian slots

A new factory inspired sculpture has nearly finished drying now. 
The repetitive linear marks look similar to corrugated iron, I like that. This piece was a response to the blue and white shed photographed below. I have been eyeing it off for some months now. 

A new slightly more disjointed piece in its early stages here.

Recycled clay giving some rich colour variation in this slab. It seems a shame to join pieces together and loose that texture, hopefully it will pay off in the end!

Production shots from the making of a large slab work. Lack of internet has meant a couple of weeks lag between this photo being taken and uploaded, this piece has begun its drying phase now and more photos will follow. Some beautiful textures going on in there. 

A shed of much inspiration, I love those roofs, have been enjoying the repetitious shape more and more lately. I have another clay piece coming along that's very strongly influenced by this shed. Probably a few more in the pipelines too. Great colour scheme too. Its the old foundry in Toowoomba, another manufacturing business closed down. Still a wonderful shed though.

New work taking shape, getting inspired by falling down buildings and trashed out houses, beautiful skeletons revealed, July 

Recent panel, incomplete in the production stage, July

Later stages, finished the sculpting now, July

Another house, the first fragmented one, inspired by a couple of months spent up in Cherbourg recently, July

Fragmented house, production shot, July

Second Fragmented house, Production shot, July

Latest house, no holes this time, just windows and nice thine lines delineating the beautiful weatherboards of a Queenslander, July