Monday, 30 March 2015

Byron Arts Classic

A great group show will be opening tomorrow night in Byron at the Community center. It runs until the 8th of April so get along and have a look at the 300 plus artworks including mine. It will be a wonderful demonstration of the wide array of Visual Arts practice which can be found in the Northern Rivers.


Sunday, 29 March 2015

March drawing and clay carving

 Slab process

 Slab process

 Biro on cardboard process/unfinished


 Glazed slab form

 Inspiration station

 Power pole process

Slab process 

 Aerial view slab process

 Slab process

"Switch" series, power pole drawing, biro, pastel, aerosol on tea box.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Humble rumblings of the week

Plans for the future: recycling clay for tomorrow or the next day

Slurping up inspiration from the likes of Arkley and Oldenburg! 

Slab life. Loving accessible photo editing via my dumb phone.

Framing up Ancient future modern history. 

Angular spectangular construction method. Cutting out the triangles for the roof of my next power pole in the "Switch" series.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

New thangs, from the hand, the pen and the lense

Thanks instagram for pimping my photos. I'm back on the smart phone bandwagon with images to show for it. This is my latest sculpture, during construction in the home studio.

 Old inspiration shot from Charlottes Pass, NSW, Noonan family holiday 2013. Such a great spot, this was an old ski lift, rusting away on the hill.

 Another vintage bit of inspiration, from the trip home to the Sunny Coast from teaching in Toowoomba late 2013. Beautiful forms have been incubating in my head for a few years now. Just starting o manifest into something tangible now.

 Notebook musing on power poles/lines

 New forms. Thinking about a Swell entry. Unfired, underglazed....

 Aerial view. Studio shot.

New work, inspired by a Belgian railway station design from 2004. Took much more work than the earlier shape due to it having 21 individual slabs, each with 4 sides to join. More negative space and randomness than the earlier forms too.