Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Relief carving and glaze process

Latest sculpture featuring some relief carving. Haven't used this technique in a while. Serendipitous happenings. 


 Sgraffitto.... scraping the underglaze back.

More sgraffitto 

New work and bisqued wares

 Straight slab cutting... sweet shaddowy looks.

 Bisqued wares, none broken, ready for the glazing...

New form emerging from the afternoon studio. 

Plinth Alterations and new drawing series started... this is spring!!!

 Switching up my plinth format. Looking at less traditional rectangular shapes. and more continuity with the ceramic pieces which will sit on top of them. 

 New drawing series for the next Switch installation coming up in October at Southern Cross University, Lismore.

New drawings.... unfinished.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Melbourne Download: Post Urban Materiality

Switch installation shot at Brunswick St Gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Power Poles 2 and 4 with Post Climate Change Desertscapes in the background. I was stoked with the space my work was allotted and it was cool to see how someone else displayed it too. The opening night was packed with two shows opening that night. Some rad work in the show, and some interesting performance inspired by John Cage went down on the opening night. So many different angles and connections to the subject/theme of the show.  

 A very relevant political comment paste up I saw on Brunswick St. Sad times for arts funding in Australia currently with Australia Council for the Arts looking set to lose a good $100 million.

As I drifted off to sleep early on Sunday morning in a friends house I was excited to notice my made up bed was mere centimeters from this Albert Namatjira painting, titled "Mt.Bart". I slept soundly under its watchful gaze.

 Installation shot, Power Pole no.4 with Post Climate Change Desertscape in the background.

 After a wild weekend in the city, at least by my standards, it has been great to get home and enjoy the relative serenity of Mullumbimby. It felt like the first day of spring today and I dragged out the mini pool for the kids to cool off.

New books have arrived!!! I have been enjoying getting better insight into Lichtenstein and checking out various other takes on this popular ism (Pop Art).

Microgalleries Denpasar Installation!!!

I'm involved in a great project happening in Denpasar this October, it is being run by MicroGalleries.org . It involves installing art in a community to create positive social change and enliven the space. Its a super exciting project I am proud to be part of. They are crowd funding to help cover costs of the project, there are rad rewards for donations and heaps of feel good points too.... check it out, there's also a rad blurb about the whole thing.. http://www.pozible.com/project/199463

The image above is a sneak peak of one of the works I will be sending over!!!

Thoughts on the role of curators in museums...

The way I see curation, and the role of the curator is the next level of awareness of creative practice. As my own studio practice has developed I have grown to appreciate the notion of installation or site specificity. By this I mean being concious of the broader context of the audiences's viewing experience when engaging with an artwork. So I view this progression from object production, where the focus is solely on an object, to creating installations or looking at a whole viewing experience, and the next step is curation. It is a logical progression to thinking about how individual works, and different artist's works relate to each other and how their sequence of viewing and proximity to each other help to generate meaning. 
Taking on the role of curator seems at times to be at odds with the mindset of the individual artist who is arguably completely absorbed in their own work and perspective. For this very reason it is such a healthy intervention for an artist to take on the role of curator, whether the show includes their own work or not. To gain some perspective on the relationships which occur between neighboring exhibits, can only be constructive in the production and installation of ones own work. Gaining this understanding of how works contribute to meaning or narratives can help in the reading and interpretation of exhibitions.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Art Piece Gallery, evolving plinths and new work!

     Power Pole no.3 with new plinth is now being exhibited in the beautiful Art Piece gallergy in Mullumbimby. This work is one of the original four I made for the first"Switch" installation at the Southern Cross University gallery in June. These works are about the increasingly urban nature of human life and the subsequent need to switch from fossil fuel use to renewable energy production.

Evolving plinths drying in the sun.

Progress shots after cutting out the shapes on the left hand plinth. It now resembles one of the power poles it will display.

Serendipitous beauty of shattered test tiles.

A new work taking shape. A bit of a shift away from the repetitive pattern can be seen here. Brave new form!

Friday, 31 July 2015

winter happenings

Multi-piece power pole is coming along. Drying and tidying it up now. Testing dry glazes and underglazes for it.

Antique toy truck sketch. Playing with ideas for the next installation of Switch.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

New work in the studio and the gallery

 A new power pole drying in the studio. Totally psyched on this new shape.

 The last residential form I made earlier this year has just graduated to join my pop up suburb in Moonrise Gallery in Mullumbimby. Stoneware with underglaze.

Urban renewal has come and reshaped this pop up suburb and bought some fresh colour into the mix. Real Australians Say Welcome! This work is called Kingswood Country.

A new photo of one of the drawings from the Switch installation in SCU Gallery last month. This one captures the colour and details much better than the earlier shots I posted. This is part of a 15 meter panoramic landscape series.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Upcoming Melbourne show!

This is going out to all you city dwelling types.
This exhibition engages visual practices that respond to our urban surroundings. We are intrigued by the way that certain materials and mediums can address our urban framework specifically.

I am planning to include a selection of two and three dimensional work from the Switch series in this show. 

Without knowing what else will be included I am quietly excited to see not only what goes into the show but how my work sits among it.
If you live in Melbourne please drop in for the opening or check out the show while it is up, and please pass the word on to others who may be interested.

Alpine musings

 Perisher ski tube... on the way up to the Kosciusko national park.

Snowy river biro sketch.

View from Charlotte's Pass lookout over the beginings of the Snowy river. 

Charlotte's Pass village, view from the window of our lodge Targangil. Such an amazing place even without much snow. So lucky to stay here again. A refreshing week in the mountains has been spent. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

New Solo Exhibition "Switch" at SCU gallery 27th May until 7th June

This "Belgian Power Pole" work is a highlight from the now installed show in Lismore. Gallery is located in V block and open 9-4 week days. Please contact me for directions or other information timothy.b.fry@gmail.com or timm_fry on ig or Tim Fry Art on fb. Super excited with this work

 Power pole no.1,the token red/yellow piece, breaks up the rest of the blue pieces with fiery post climate change warmth.

Installation shot. Loving the geometric custom plinths.

Power pole no.4 is the straightest and in some ways most refined, of the first wave of power pole works. Made from paper clay and featuring a wide open construction, this piece has a less totemic and more architectural appearance.

A 15 meter desertscape contextualised the sculptures in a fictional desert, a futuristic post climate change wasteland. This is the largest work I have ever made and I thoroughly enjoyed making it. The assortment of recycled boxes give a great randomness and playful variation, plus they have great corrugated texture. 

Close up of a rock, with flouro pink aerosol highlights.

Large scale work in progress and sketching

Sketching plans...

Giant slab getting carved up!

New multi piece power pole in progress. Some interesting textures happening too...

Moonrise Gallery and New Business Cards

A few weeks back I babysat Moonrise Gallery for Blossom and met a bunch of wonderful arts patrons and general legends. This time interacting with buyers and audiences was invaluable, and I thoroughly loved it. My pop up suburb and badges have been residing in this gallery since summer, finding new homes for themselves. 

 I have created a series of one off handmade business cards. They are screenprinted on high quality printmaking paper with hand drawn and written additions. 

Second round of business cards in the making. If you would like one email timothy.b.fry@gmail.com me or contact me through Tim Fry Art on fb or timm_fry on ig.

Brunswick Street Gallery Small Works Prize 5th - 25th of May

 #RealAustraliansSayWelcome with reference to Peter Drew. This is one of three works which went into the Small Works Prize this year.

Framing up

Mounting this power pole drawing was fun and a valuable process to learn, also for the Small Works Prize 

 This mounting took on a an aura of its own, As seen glowing in the afternoon sun on the back of my ute.

"Celebrate the little things", and increase your life enjoyment massively. A simple still life for the Small Works Prize at BSG.